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Cosmetic Lip Tattooing in Sydney

Through cosmetic lip tattooing, your lips can look good all the time. At Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre, we’ll enhance your natural features, finding the perfect shape and colour.

Cosmetic lip tattooing has several benefits. You might want to consider it if:

  • You want to cut down the time you spend applying makeup and shorten your morning routine.

  • You no longer worry about lipstick stains on your teeth or lipstick smudges on your clothes.

  • You’re looking for more defined lips but want a less dramatic effect than lip injections.

If you are thinking of having your lips tattooed, you can choose between the Lip Liner and Blend Colour procedure or the Full Lip Colour procedure.

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Lip Liner Tattoo

Lip Liner implantation creates an attractive lip line that enhances the shape of the mouth and looks great with or without make-up. Lip liner can be soft and natural or bold and beautiful depending on the colour you choose.

Lip Blend/Blush

Lip Blend is ideal for people who have no definite lip shape, pale lips, small lips and for those that would like to emphasis the mouth. It is especially successful for sun-damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost the shape as a result of cold sores or injury. This treatment achieves fuller lips whilst at the same time providing you with a softer lip shade.

Full Lip Colour

This ultimate lip treatment is the Full lip Colour. Full lips are great for busy people. It also helps to enhance pale and uneven lip colour. Full lip colour heals like a lip tint. All you need is a gloss and off you go.

Our comprehensive range of colours helps to achieve the perfect colour for your lips whilst delivering your desired subtle or dramatic lip tint.

There is a wide range of colours to choose from, ranging from lightest to darkest shades. You can have perfect lips as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cosmetic lip tattooing?

Cosmetic lip tattooing is a procedure where a professional uses small needles to insert colour pigments into your skin.

Before we begin the procedure, we’ll help select the right shape and colour that will best flatter your features. You can choose between three different lip treatments depending on what you are trying to achieve (lip liner, lip blend or full lip blush). Once it’s done, you may experience slight discomfort and minimal swelling for three days. The tattoo may also look darker one week after the procedure but will lighten as it heals.

How long does a cosmetic lip tattoo last?

They can last anywhere between one to three years. Certain factors like your lifestyle, how the procedure was done, and the kind of colours used can determine how slowly it fades.

How does it heal?

After the procedure, your lips will feel dry for up to two weeks while it’s healing and you may have mild itchiness. If you apply the healing balm regularly, this should only last for six days or less. The lip tattoo may look darker or brighter during the first week, but it will fade 60% of the colour within the first week. The colour will look different every day for about 4 weeks until it settles as lips works on your own circulation. After 4 weeks, you will see the true colour of your choice.

Is there any downtime?

The procedure doesn’t require any downtime. However, if you’re prone to cold sores you will need to take Farmvir tablets for prevention after the procedure.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Aftercare

To get the best results from the procedure, you need to follow these aftercare tips:

  • Avoid scratching or picking at your lips.

  • Avoid applying makeup to the tattooed area for about 4 days after the procedure.

  • Avoid strenuous activities that would result in you sweating a lot.

  • Avoid getting shampoo, cleaner, and soap on the tattooed area but water is okay to use.

  • Hydrate your lips with a healing balm up to 4 weeks

  • The true lip colour is in 4 weeks post-treatment.

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Customised Attention

Our leading practitioner, Rita Porreca, will work with you to customise pigment and shape for an ideal look for your face and skin tone. Our staff will treat you as a priority and carefully listen to and address your questions and needs. We only use the highest-quality products available as we strive to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your experience.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation in our Sydney clinic for any of our unique treatments, call us on (02) 9712 4133 or send us a message. If you would like to learn more about our other services, browse through our other service pages. We look forward to hearing from you.

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