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Annual Standard Refresh

(For our loyal program clients)
For a refresh appointment within the  two years  it will be at half price and there after at a discounted price.

Please note if a re-touch is required within the two months a small fee will be charged.

Approximate prices as follows.


Digital Feathering – $590

It transforms sparse brows into perfectly symmetrical arches that elegantly frame the face. Feathering brow tattoo looks completely natural because it mimics the real brow hair

Re-touch visit if required $130 within 2 months

Digital Ombre – $590

A great way to add subtle depth and adjust eyebrow shape. The powder effect method is long lasting and can give the appearance of naturally stunning brows.

Re-touch visit if required $130 within 2 months

Combination & 3D Shading – $590

Working with your natural shape and colour using a combination of techniques, feathering and Ombre to create your desired outcome.

Re-touch visit if required $130 within 2 months

Microblading – $650

Using a hand tool to create tiny hair stokes to give the look of defined eyebrows while still appearing natural.

Microblading is not suitable for everyone as this technique will fade faster depending on the skin type.

(min of 2 appointment is required to achieve the desired result)

2nd visit within 3 months $250

Brow Correction  – $650

Correcting colour and shape with Camouflage pigment to correct brows done by someone else .

Re-touch appointment within 2 month is $200

Tattoo Removal Brows  – from $350

Using a salt base or lactic acid to draw ink out of the skin to correct the shape.

Several Visits maybe needed 6 to 8 weeks apart at a discounted rate .


Eyeliner is customised to create your desired effect It can be soft and natural or as dramatic as you desire.

Please note eyelash extensions must be removed 3+ days prior to treatment and only reapplied after 3 weeks

Designer Eyes  

Customised to create either a thicker wide-eyed look, add wings or a natural frame around your eyes. We will create the right eyeliner for your eye shape to give you your desired look.

 Upper & Lower     $790

 Upper only            $500

 Lower only            $400

Re-touch visit if required $130 to $150 within 2 months

Lash Enhancement 

Pigment dots are placed close to lash line to create a natural, more defined and thicker eyelash line. this is a great treatment that doesn't look like make up, its so natural even men like it . 

 Upper & Lower       $700

 Upper only              $400

 Lower only              $300

Re-touch visit if required $120 to $150 within 2 months

Eyeshadow – $300 – $450

Different coloured pigment are available to soften or give a Smokey effect over the eyeliner  or for a more dramatic made up look  pigment can be placed at the corners of the eyes to create an eye shadow look. 

Re-touch visit if needed within 2 months $150

Ombre Top Eyeliner

Ombre eyeliner is a popular option for eyeliner,it is not a solid line rather a faded effect.



You can choose from a variety of colour options to create the one that works best for you and your lips

Min of 2 appointments is recommended for optimum results

Please note preventative cold sore medication maybe required

Lip Liner – $460

Defines and enhances your natural lip shape, it can be soft and natural or more dramatic . 

Re-touch visit is recommended  within 2 months  $120

Lip Blend/Blush – $660

Creates the illusion of fuller lips, giving you a natural looking pout. 

Re-touch visit is recommended  within 2 months  $120

Luscious Lips Full Colour – $790

Define and correct your lip shape with an added pop of colour, Great for pale or uneven lips . Wake up with lip tint 24/7.

Re-touch visit is recommended  within 2 months  $150


Areola – $350

Recolouring areola after a Mastectomy or creating a larger areola.

Re-touch if required within two months $120

Bilateral (2) – $650

Re-colouring two Areola’s to create a natural look.

Re-touch if required within two months $200

Silicone Prothesis-(1)$300 (2) $550

Custom made silicone nipple prothesis to match existing nipple.

MCA/ Camouflage – POC

Camouflaging white scars or rebooting your own natural melanin with MCA.

Re-touch’s are needed between 4 to 6 Weeks at a discounted rate.

Scalp Tattoo – POC

Small dots are applied in areas of hair loss.

Re-touch’s are needed between 4 to 6 weeks at a discounted rate.

Non Laser/Laser Tattoo Removal  – POC

Non-Laser  with lactic acid draws the ink out of the skin.

This treatment is affective for small body arts and Cosmetic Tattooing.

Laser Tattoo removal  is affective for larger areas.

Several treatments are needed, priced on consultation for each treatment.

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Our services are very dependent on the individual. A consultation is required for more accurate pricing.

Below you’ll find an approximate indication of our prices.
All of our prices include consultation, shaping, topical anaesthetic and initial tattoo procedure.

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