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Men's Eyebrow Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing isn’t just for ladies we can help men as well with Brows or Lash Enhancement Eyeliner.

As you age, your eyebrows may get thinner or you might have scars or missing hairs,  Sydney Permanent Make-Up Centre could be your answer to enhance your brows or eyes in a natural way.

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Modern Techniques

Sydney Permanent Make-Up Centre stays up-to-date on current trends and cosmetic tattoo methods. Our cosmetic eyebrow tattoos come in a variety of options to achieve the perfect look for your face.

If you are suffering from thinning or patchy brows our feathering brows could be your answer for a natural look.

Men are also loving the lash enhancement to give more definition around the eyes without it looking like eyeliner.

We are embracing the busy man who likes to look but still maintain a manly look!

We are finding more men are taking more pride in their appearance every day.

We have helped many men over the years with different cosmetic tattooing treatments like scars in their brows or you may suffer from alopecia. We can create a natural-looking brows with our feathering technique.

Some Men have no definition around their eyes, this is where a lash enhance can help. Lash enhancement is tiny little dots placed in between your lashes to create a thicker lash look.

"No, it doesn’t look like eyeliner”

With all cosmetic tattooing, the colour will look a little darker for 5 days then it settles to a natural look

We shape your eyebrows with a pencil first before we implant the colour of your choice. The brows and eyes will be designed for your own face shape to enhance your best features.

Come in for a consultation, we can talk you through the procedure so you have more of an understanding prior to getting your tattoo. During this consultation, we will discuss the different eyebrow or lash enhancement techniques .

Customised Attention

Our leading practitioner, Rita Porreca, will work with you to customise pigment and shape for an ideal look for your face and skin tone. Our staff will treat you as a priority and carefully listen to and address your questions and needs. We only use the highest-quality products available as we strive to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your experience.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation in our Sydney clinic for any of our unique treatments, call us on (02) 9712 4133 or send us a message through the form on the right side on this page. If you would like to learn more about our other services, browse through our other service pages. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Mens Eyebrow Tattooing
Mens Eyebrows
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