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Silicone Nipple Prothesis

For women who have lost their nipples in the fight of breast cancer.
Completely customised and handcraft identical to the real thing, the prosthesis can be securely applied to the breast for up to a week without removing. The prosthesis can be worn during swimming, showering and exercise. After the seven days the prosthesis can be removed and cleaned without causing any irritation to the skin and be reapplied.


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Nipple Prosthesis 

Silicone Nipple Prosthesis

Silicone Prosthesis Nipple is a new treatment from Italy to help our ladies after Breast Cancer. The Prosthesis is custom made from the existing Breast by making a mould first, silicone is then added to give it a more natural feel. The colour is then added to the nipple once dried.
The nipple looks and feels realistic giving ladies the confidence they thought was impossible.
The Silicone Prosthesis can be worn during exercising, showering and intimacy.
This is alternative for ladies who are not ready for reconstructive surgery.
The silicone Prosthesis can be worn up to 7 days before it will need to be removed and cleaned, and then re attached.

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