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Pre Treatment Information


                   Important information to know before your appointment.


Brows: All blood thinners will need to be stopped if possible one week before including fish oil tablets.

Lips: If you are prone to cold sores you can take Lysine tablets two weeks before and famvir tablets after the treatment.Prep lips with a moisturising balm 2 weeks before.

Eyeliner:Fake lashes will need to be removed before the appointment.Stop using lash grower 2 weeks before.Contact lenses will need to be removed before your treatment.

Areola:You will need to apply Emla patches one hour before your treatment,this will begin the numbing process.You can find these at all pharmacies.

Plasma Resurfacing:Stop using Vitamin A products, fish oil tablets and blood thinners one week before if possible.One hour before your appointment apply numbing cream to the area being treated.This can be purchased at all pharmacies or though the clinic before your treatment.The night of your treatment take an Anti-histamine and sleep upright.

Tattoo removal:Keep the area dry for three days.Don't pick the scabs that will form on the treated area.No sun exposure for 3 weeks.


Capillaries/Spider Veins:Stop Blood thinners 3 days before.Clean skin/No makeup on day of treatment.

Purchase Antiseptic powder from chemist for after the treatment.

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