Permanent Make Up School

As one of the first pioneers of the ever growing Cosmetic Tattooing, Rita Porreca leads the acclaimed Sydney Permanent Make-Up School.

The courses are designed to meet the professional needs of Beauty Therapists, Make-Up Artists, Nurses and Skin Specialists to help to up-skill their career and/or expand their business. Professional Cosmetic Tattooing is rewarding both financially and as a career.

Our Cosmetic tattooing Training is now affiliated with the APAN Standards and Accreditation is available after you complete the 10 week course.


Professional Cosmetic Tattooing Training

8 Days Tuition $10,500

Become a Professional Cosmetic Tattooist at Sydney Permanent Make Up School and enhance your business opportunities and profits. You will be instructed by Rita Porreca in Practical Application along with the background and theory of this professional service.

What sets this Professional Cosmetic Tattooing Course apart is:

  • Having the course conducted over 10 weeks allowing participants time to review and practice the course materials and notes,
  • Our commitment to provide you with practical skills, and
  • We allow time to address questions and course materials.

This professional skill cannot simply be attained in a short period of time. Success in this industry is related to the quality and professionalism of the service provided which has directly been linked to the amount of training received.

Invest in your future by becoming a Professional Cosmetic Tattooist.

The duration of the cosmetic tattooing course is over 10 weeks with 8 days of clinical training. Practical assignments are carried out in your own time at your clinic or work. Each graduate has 2 days clinical training followed by 2 weeks of practical revision and assignments. There is one teacher per two students, maximum of 4 students per course.

During the practical component Sydney Permanent Make Up School will always be available to you for advice and guidance.

The Course is designed as a post graduate qualification for people already trained in nursing, beauty therapy and skin analysis. It is not a crash course but a learning course and you must be committed to be the best you can be.

This Course consists of three modules. Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner. During this course you will also learn about Beauty spot, Anatomy, Sterilisation, Health and Safety, Treatment set-up Area, Consultation Procedure, Machine Techniques, Colour Mixing, Pre and Post Procedure Guidelines, Anaesthesia and its Applications, Touch Ups and Corrections, Consent Forms, Business Procedures, Demonstrations and each Application, Procedures Performed on Models.


Course Structure

Orientation prior to commencement of training for 1 day.
Week 1: Eyebrows (hair stoke, shading) Two days requiring 4 models
Week 2 & 3: Home Assignments, one of each treatment
Week 4: Lips (liner, blend, full lip) Two days requiring 6 models
Week 5 & 6: Home assignments, one of each treatment
Week 7: Eyeliner (upper & lower) One day requiring 4 models and also Brow Blading One day requiring 3 models
Week 8 & 9: Home assignments, one of each treatment
Week10: Assessment Day : Written exam and practical oral assessment in clinic. One model needed. One day.



" Thank you Rita for sharing the great passion and knowledge you have in this industry, you are an excellent trainer. The course was scheduled so that there was sufficient time between learning each treatment which gave me enough time to practice and become confident in performing them on clients. The ongoing help that you offer throughout the course is invaluable as it gave me more confidence with every session. Great trainer, beautiful clinic, thank you again."
Hannan Nimeh

Things You Should Know

  • A Certificate will be issued once you have completed all 3 modules, assignments and exam in the Professional Cosmetic Tattooist Course.
  • A deposit of $1500 is required 3 weeks before commencement date. Please note, the deposit is non refundable if canceled within 10 days of the commencement date.
  • Treatments performed on live models which you need to arrange. Ask your family, friends or clients or we may be able to assist in sourcing models.
  • All treatments are performed on models and are strictly under the trainers supervision at all times.
  • A small fee of $100 - $150 per procedure for models is required to cover consumables.
  • Assignments must be handed in within 3 months of course completion.
  • Starter kit (machine, needle, parts, colours & anesthetic) is $1000.

Once you have met all the course required criteria, you will be able to explore the wonderful world of Professional Cosmetic Tattooing. Good Luck!


Camouflage Training

2 Day Tuition $3,500

If you have completed the Cosmetic Tattooing Training and you feel confident in performing eyebrows, lips and eyeliner then you are ready for Camouflage Training. The Camouflage Training is two days in duration and at the end of this course you will have a greater understanding on how to mix colours for the right scars and areola treatments.

* Models are required for this course.


Re-Fresher Training

1 Day Tuiton $1,800

The Re-Fresher Course is a one day, 'one-on-one' session with our highly experienced trainer, designed for qualified Cosmetic Tattooing Practitioners.

The refresher course is designed for qualified Cosmetic Practitioners who need practical and theory assistance to further their skill. This is a 1 day, one-on-one course that can be especially tailored to meet the individual professional requirements.


Skin Needling Training

4 Hour Tuition $800

Skin Needling is an exciting new treatment which has been shown to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture, relax scars and improve depressed acne scaring.


  • All treatments are performed on models (to be arranged by student) and are strictly under the trainers supervision at all times.
  • Post Training support available at Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre where you can observe and ask questions during treatment.
  • Distribute TRI-LAB Pigments, Machinery and Accessories.
  • The Post Graduate courses are designed to meet the professional needs of Beauty Therapists, Make-up Artists, Nurses, and Skin Specialists to help to up-skill their career and/or expand their business.